Monday: $2.25Coneys


Tuesday: Free regular fry with any Burger, Sandwich, or Pita


Wednesday: Ham & Bean soup, Cheese Coney, chips and can of pop $8.50


Thursday: Regular chili and Grilled cheese Sandwich $7.75


Friday: Fried Bologna Sanwich, fry and can of Pop $9.00


Saturday: 10 Coneys $22.00. add cheese or slaw $27.00


Everyday: #1. 2 Coneys, Fry and Can of Pop $8.00. with Cheese or Slaw                       $9.50


                #2. Coney with Cheese, Mini Meatball sub, Tater Tots and can of

                      Pop $9.75


Where to Find Us:

Village Coney
418 E Whittier St
Columbus OH, 43206

Phone: 614-445-9633

Hours: M-F 11:00am-4:00pm

                S 11:00am-3:30pm

                Closed Sunday

What's New

Try our delicious Gyros! Also our homemade Ham & Bean Soup!

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